Charting Success: A Year in Review and Vision for the Future at C3 Technology Advisors

Happy New Year! Before getting started, we’d like to thank all the C3 stakeholders – employees, clients, partners, advisory board members, suppliers, and more. Without you, this journey does not exist. We are forever thankful to all of you. In reflecting on the past year, I'd like to share the journey and achievements of C3 Technology Advisors in ’23.  

Last year was transformative for us—a shift from a small-scale entity to a more mature organization characterized by sturdy processes, refined objectives, and amplified collaboration methods. Our adoption of the Entrepreneurial Operating Systems (EOS) framework played a pivotal role in orchestrating this significant transformation. C3 leadership has been training and using EOS processes for the better part of 6 months in preparation for the rollout at an organization-wide level on January 8 of this year. For those not familiar with EOS, I encourage you to explore its significance through this link: [].  

Embracing EOS empowered us to set BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) — a vision to achieve $100 million in annual revenue by the end of 2026, aiming even higher at $333 million by the close of 2033. We will get there with an unwavering commitment to hiring ONLY the best people we can find and focusing on services and products that we can execute at industry-leading levels. We eschew the noise and the M&A and PE journeys taken by others and build our organization one intentional brick at a time.  

Throughout our journey, we witnessed significant milestones that truly defined our path. Here are the highlights – 

  • Zero top team members departed in ‘23.  We are committed to nurturing our culture and creating an environment where top talent flourishes.  
  • Revenue experienced a robust 30% growth from the fiscal year 2022 to 2023. 
  • Our team grew from 32 to 38, including our new Director of Consulting, Colin Malone, who will help lead sales. 
  • The resounding success of our annual C3 Tech Summit (CTS). Hosting 378 attendees, a leap of 200 from the previous year, with two influential keynotes, 35 engaging sessions, and a vibrant two-day summit. This event was a testament to our dedication to knowledge-sharing and industry leadership. 
  • CX/CC (customer experience/contact center) revenue became our top product set as measured by new revenue. Our CC/CX practice is a top priority for C3 in 2024. 
  • C3 Engineer, Steve Mockaitis wins our inaugural Amethyst Award which is given to an individual who embodies the C3 spirit, and core values, and performs at a high level.    

These accomplishments laid a robust foundation for the year ahead. Our focus for 2024 is centered on integrating EOS principles seamlessly to enhance operational efficiency and deliver optimal services to you. In addition to this, other top initiatives include an emerging AI practice, the hiring of a finance lead, and the creation of significant improvements to our SoW and RFP processes. We expect to bring these processes to industry-leading levels in time.  

As we embark on this new chapter in 2024, brimming with aspirations and opportunities, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support, partnership, and trust. Together, we are poised for an extraordinary year of growth and innovation. 

Here's to a year filled with shared accomplishments, prosperity, and success as we continue to strive for excellence in serving you.  

Warm Regards,

Matthew Toth
C3 Technology Advisors



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