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The Great Resignation: And What IT Can Do About It

Looking for a job? The odds are good that you are. According to a March study by Achievers, 52% (FIFTY TWO PERCENT!) said they were going to look for a...

Comcast Acquires Masergy: Expert Analysis of The Merge

99.9% of Comcast's business revenue comes from domestic sales. Their network, salespeople, billing systems, support, etc are all domestic. All of the...

The Fallacy of "No one ever got fired for picking brand X"

In technology buying situations, I’ve often heard this phrase many times throughout the years in justifying a buying decision:

2021 Resolution: Improve Upon 80% Growth

Organizations and individuals are defined by how they react and adapt to change and challenges. As many of us know, we couldn’t have predicted...

C3's ​Goal of Being the Best & Why We Will Achieve It

By the end of this decade, C3 Technology Advisors will be the preeminent technology consulting company in the US. We know this is quite the BHAG (Big...

Don't let your I.T. Contracts Become "Hostage Negotiations"

Admit itYour organization probably does a poor job at managing the dozens to hundreds of contracts that you’ve signed for all different kinds of IT...

37 Reasons Why Your Organization Should Move to Cloud-Based UC/Voice



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