Would Grandma be proud of your contact center? Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

How to achieve “Mind Like Water” in your Contact Center:

  • Focus on the Emotional Resiliency of your staff
  • Explore and utilize excellent Technology with the help of experts
  • Grow as Leaders of the contact center in the areas of coaching and proper usage of data

Using Emotional Intelligence to Create Emotional Resiliency:

  • Enhance your Self Awareness:
    1. Establish your Values, Mission, and Vision
    2. What pushes your buttons?
  • Enhance your Self-Management:
    1. Develop and schedule your Self-Management strategy
    2. Craft your response to frustrating moments
  • Enhance your Social Awareness:
    1. Be Interested, Not Interesting
  • Enhance your Relationship Management
    1. Have a back pocket “fix it” statement

Explore New Technologies:

  • AI- Don't be afraid, instead embrace it
  • Blended Omni Channel capabilities-this is required 
  • Consult with a trusted technology advisor, like C3 Technology Advisors

Grow as Leaders:

  • Grow your leadership and coaching skills
  • Keep data simple for staff
  • Get Creative with Technology usage


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