My Why - Why I Joined the Trusted Advisor Movement

Sale! Sale! Sale! That’s how I started my marketing career. Every single day was a sale. It was tiring because it was the same thing EVERY SINGLE DAY, we just marketed it slightly differently. Flash forward, I went to an organization that just wanted to push products out the door. Employees were just numbers, we were just clocking in and clocking out every day. Then, I found the Trusted Advisor Movement and joined C3.

Now, I’m sure you’re reading this asking yourself ‘why do I care,’ well, here’s why.

Organizations aren’t just numbers to trusted advisors, they are departments, within those departments, leaders, and people working day-in-day-out to ensure the success of their business. Trusted advisors establish relationships with those leaders and individuals who make an impact on an organization. So, what is so important about establishing these relationships?

Relationships provide us with empathy. Trusted advisors are new to the game. Most of the consultants, marketers, engineers, and other experts in our field at one point have gone through the same pains, challenges, and successes you’re dealing with. Most have been in decision-making roles with large amounts of pressure to make the right decision to help the organizations. Trusted advisors empathize with you, and they also have solutions and advice on how to handle those emotionally difficult moments. We promise you are not alone in making these hard decisions that may even be scary.

These relationships also establish a deep emotional investment. When we get to know you and what your goals and aspirations are, we want to help you achieve them.

Relationships are the building blocks for success. We are here to help you and your organization succeed. We go beyond just technology.


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