Welcome Nate Brinks

Nate Brinks (headshot)Welcome Nate Brinks! We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our newest team member, Nathaniel (Nate) Brinks! He’s an exceptional individual whose passion for family, problem-solving, and technology will undoubtedly make a significant impact within our organization. Join us as we celebrate the arrival of Nate Brinks and learn more about his unique background and interests. 



Family, Friends, and Problem-Solving:

At the core of Nates's being is his role as a dedicated husband and father. The relationships he shares with loved ones drive him to continually evolve and become a better version of himself every day. With an innate ability to solve problems, Nate thrives on building meaningful customer relationships and uncovering innovative ways for companies to leverage technology to drive  business forward. When he isn’t immersed in assisting clients with technology solutions, you're likely to find Nate exploring the serenity of the great outdoors.


A Journey of Growth and Expertise:

Nates's professional journey began at Western Michigan University, where he embarked on a four-year quest to discover his true calling. Along the way, he had an epiphany—realizing that he was already "grown up" and needed to focus his efforts on graduating in four years. Sales and Business Marketing emerged as his path of least resistance, and he excelled beyond his expectations, graduating at the top of his class. With this achievement, Nate held an eight-year tenure as a consultant at a traditional data center VAR, serving organizations and leading sales teams in the Midwest. His next venture involved leading a local Cloud Service Provider specializing in Data Protection and Business Continuity for two years. Nate firmly believes that “the pursuit of knowledge and experience in the technology space should never cease,” and he eagerly anticipates expanding his expertise in the channel at C3.

Expertise and Technological Passion:

Nates's experience predominantly lies in traditional data center consulting. His knowledge spans a broad range of technologies that impact the delivery of applications to end users. Starting with Servers, Storage, and Networking, his expertise extends to encompass VMware, Hyper-V, Physical Datacenter, Cloud, and Cybersecurity. These areas of focus have allowed Nate to tackle the intricate challenges of technology deployment and integration, ensuring optimal experiences for users.

Beyond the Digital Realm:

While Nate has a deep appreciation for technological advancements, he also finds joy in practical devices that enhance his personal life. For instance, his barn is stocked with Milwaukee M18 Fuel Tools, which have revolutionized his productivity and saved him countless hours. In terms of enterprise technology, Nate finds journal-based disaster recovery (DR) solutions, such as Zerto, fascinating. He also recognizes the importance of cutting-edge cybersecurity companies like BigPanda, Sumo Logic, and Darkwatch, which pave the way for data protection.

Embracing the Great Outdoors:

In Nate's free time, he finds solace and fulfillment by immersing himself in nature. Together with his family, he enjoys camping in the scenic Mecosta County parks system, creating cherished memories surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. His passion for water-based activities led him to acquire an older Four Winns, allowing him to indulge in leisurely outings on the water. As autumn arrives, Nate eagerly anticipates the opportunity to hike and engage in his beloved hunting traditions.


Unveiling Fascinating Facts:

To provide a glimpse into Nates's life, here are three intriguing facts:

●  Nate is a foster dad! His compassionate nature has led him to foster several children, and many of these young souls have found forever homes within his personal network.

● Music holds a special place in Nate's heart. He actively seeks out live music experiences, attending 3-5 shows each year and exploring diverse genres.

● Nate is an avid basketball player, but his weekly game sessions have led to some memorable mishaps. A broken nose, fractured ankle, sprained ankle, two concussions, and even a stint in the Mary Free-Bed Rehab Center, have not stopped him from going back to the game he loves.

We are delighted to have Nate join our team, bringing his expertise, dedication, and zest for life to our organization. Please take a moment to introduce yourself and extend a warm welcome to our newest team member. Together, we look forward to achieving remarkable accomplishments and creating a positive impact in the world.


C3 Technology Advisors

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