Welcome Blog: Heather Posvistak

20221122_110330We are thrilled to welcome Heather Posvistak to the C3 Tech Advisors team as our newest Project Manager. With her extensive experience in the telecommunications industry and her passion for technology, Heather is well-equipped to help our clients achieve their goals.  

Professional Background: 

Heather's journey in the telecommunications industry began at Brooks Fiber Communications, one of Michigan's first Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs). She has since experienced industry-changing mergers, including those with WorldCom and MCI, and later with Choice One and One Communications. Her diverse background, including roles in dispatch, repair, and inside sales, eventually led her to her niche in Project Management. 

At TDS Metrocom, Heather's dedication earned her recognition in the President's Club three times. Her experience extends to training new customers in Unified Communications, focusing on web portals, conferencing solutions, softphone apps, and mobile apps. Heather's enthusiasm for helping clients embrace new technologies and her genuine passion for customer interactions are at the core of her professional journey.

Tech Enthusiast: 

Heather's affinity for Unified Communications products is evident. She relishes the way these technologies empower mobility and flexibility, and she thrives on training clients to make the most of these tools. Personally, she finds joy in her indoor grill and Audible app, which she humorously combines to savor both technologies at once. 

A Glimpse into Heather's Personal Life: 

When Heather is not managing projects or immersed in technology, she's making the most of her free time. As a billiards enthusiast, she competes in a pool league from October to March. When summer arrives, she swaps the pool cue for a golf club or simply enjoys the sun by the swimming pool, confirming her need for a "pool" year-round. 

Outside of billiards, Heather enjoys reading, or perhaps we should say "listening" to books via Audible. She also enjoys social gatherings, bonfires, and nights out with friends.  


Fun Facts: 

  • Heather belongs to an exclusive club where everyone in the U.S. with her last name is a relative. 
  • Her beliefs extend to the supernatural, as she's a believer in ghosts and haunted houses.  
  • She admits she has a "slight" addiction to shoes - that she's managed to get under control, but who can resist a fantastic pair of footwear? 

As we embark on this new journey with Heather, we are excited to witness her expertise, enthusiasm, and passion enhance our team and services to our valued clients. Welcome, Heather Posvistak, to C3 Tech Advisors; we look forward to achieving great success together. 


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