Top Skills Needed to Be Successful in a Consultant Role at C3 Technology Advisors

While recruiting, we always look for A+ players. The best of the best. The individuals we know will be with C3 both now and in the future. One piece of C3 that stands out is our culture of like-minded, driven individuals who support taking our rocket ship to the moon. 

It’s no secret that we have some of the absolute best consultants around. We know what they bring to the table never fails – we also know that they know what it takes to fit in with our culture and strive with their own mini business within C3 Technology Advisors.  

There are many qualities that come to mind when we think about our advisors and what we seek out in prospective hires. Three top qualities that our teammates share and support our culture include:  

  1. Have fun and enjoy doing what you do 

Having fun and doing what we love is a large part of C3’s culture. We believe it is critical to not only enjoy what you are doing but be open to learning new skills and trying new things.  

“Having fun is big here at C3,” said Tim VanderMel, Global Technology Advisor, “If you’re not having fun, then how can you truly be fulfilled?” 

Technology is always evolving and changing. We seek teammates that want to continue adapting and embracing those changes while maintaining a positive outlook.  

    2. Always do the right thing, don’t be a jerk, and "keep it weird”. 

Our team of individuals believes in quite a few personality traits that help shape C3. This includes individuals that hold on to their integrity, listen and understand situations that are consistently evolving, and remain true to themselves. 

Our company is only as good as the individuals. Our leadership team encourages self-expression, trying new things, and taking chances. Global Technology Advisor, Kyle Werhand sums it up well, “To me, trying to act any other way than your true self can easily manifest vibes of awkwardness, tension, and discomfort for a teammate, a partner, or a customer” 

   3. Communication, Creativity, and Listening 

When we are speaking to an individual and vetting whether they make a good addition to the C3 team/culture, we always strive to have a two-way conversation. It’s important that both the interested party and C3 get to know one another. In consulting and business, listening and asking good questions are often just as, if not more important, than being able to give a good answer/speak well.  

Andrew (Drew) Klos, our Global Technology Advisor from Chicago said it perfectly, “Communication is a two-way, real-time.” interaction. We all want to be more than just heard; we want someone that listens and strives to understand.  

C3 Technology Advisors strive to be an executive’s #1 resource in making the most effective technology decisions. By being people first, we build an organization that celebrates authenticity and fun while also attracting those that bring  



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