Top 5 Tips to be a Remote Super Mom

For those who don’t know, I’m the ‘Jane of all Trades’ at C3. I have two beautiful baby girls and I work full-time from home. You may think, ‘Wow! She’s a Super Mom’, and while yes I am, so are you! I’m like every other mom, just trying to do my best to balance my work life with my home life all while working from home. With COVID-19 forcing many parents to work from home, here are my top 5 tips to be a Remote Super Mom!
1. Be Flexible on Work Hours
It’s okay to have what I like to call ‘Buffer Hours’. For example, I start my day at 6am because I know for a fact that I can get some work done before my kids get up. Once they’re up, I sometimes need to pause in order to ensure my kids are fed, changed, and ready to go for the day. Sometimes I work past 5pm in order to make up time and complete my workload. When you have ‘Buffer Hours’, you need to ensure that you’re still putting in the same amount of work you would while at work and handling high priority items. 
2. Communicate your Expectations

Communicate your expectations to your employer and your family. Be on the same page and clearly define what their expectations are of you and what you have for yourself. Be clear on what you can handle and what you can do, and confirm that your ‘Buffer hours’ are in line with your employer's expectations, and ensure at the end of the day your job will get done.

You need to have a candid conversation with you significant other regarding what you feel is expected in order to do your job successfully. This is important! You need to make sure that your significant other agrees to those expectations and/or can compromise on particular expectations. For example, if my husband and I are both in meetings, who is going to watch the kids? Each family is different, but clear expectations needs to be made.

3. Have an Updated Schedule

This point ties back to the first two points. Have a schedule and stick to it. Make sure your schedule is updated with all of your meetings so you can tell your family in advance when you will be busy. Also, make sure your schedule is updated for work to let your coworkers know when you may be away from your desk due to appointments or picking up your kids from school.

4. Create a Support System

Create a support system so you’re not the only person having to take care of your kids. My husband will work from home 2 days a week to help. I also have other family members that will come over to help watch the kids in the event either of us have meetings. It’s perfectly okay to ask for help! We can all use it once in a while!

5. Make Sure You Take Care of You!

Even though this is the last tip, this is the most important tip! If you aren’t taken care of, then no one is. Yes, that means be selfish and take a 20-minute shower! Self-care also includes enjoying time with your family. Spend 2-3 hours with the family by having dinner together, playing together, and you can’t forget the kid’s bath time. Once the kids are in bed, even though you’re exhausted, you need to spend a few hours with your significant other. Relationships and support are key to a positive mind, body, and soul!

P.S. After being Super Mom for the day, don’t forget to get plenty of sleep so you can tackle the next crazy day. You got this!


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