Top 3 Cybersecurity Tips That Focus on Stopping Hackers

Today’s cyber landscape is becoming increasingly dangerous with cybercrime evolving to unprecedented levels. This is because cybercriminals are becoming smarter and stealthier than ever before. To maintain your safety against attacks, all organizations need to position themselves ahead of hackers.  

That’s where Quest’s CyberDefense Suite comes in. 

Built upon the idea that organizations go through incidents all the time, Quest has identified the three most common areas where bad actors infiltrate your environment. The idea is, if you secure these three vectors of attack well, your organization is far ahead in cyber resiliency. 


What are the top 3 vectors of attack? 

#1 Endpoint 

#2 Email 

#3 Internet 


When preparing for incident response (IR), you want to make sure you are securing all endpoints, emails, and Internet. More than 70 percent of breaches come from someone within the company. Whether an end-user falls for a phishing attack or goes to a malicious website by mistake. 

CyberDefense Suite secures all three aspects with Endpoint Device Security, Email Security Protection, and DNS Security. 

Endpoint Device Security uses next-generation, anomaly-based preventative technology that looks for activities on the endpoint that are not traditional actions. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), Quest can deliver reliable security intelligence from events generated at your endpoints to handle suspicious activities immediately. 

Email Security Protection is used on all email throughout the organization. Inbound and outbound emails are ran through an advanced email security platform to defend against phishing, malware, spam, bulk mail, and more.  

DNS Security provides a first line of defense against cybersecurity threats wherever users access the internet whether that is on or off your corporate network. DNS can be deployed in minutes, allowing your security team to block threats before they become attacks.  

Security incident response preparedness is critical to avoiding a full ransomware situation. Quest’s CyberDefense Suite can help expand the visibility across your organization, from endpoint to network and into the Cloud, giving you continuous threat protection, monitoring, and alerting.

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