The Good, the Bad, and the Future of C3 Recruiting

1670362060304With every new year, new goals are set for each of us here at C3 Technology Advisors. One rockstar of an employee is our corporate recruiter, Kylee Ackley. Her aim is to continuously build our organization with top-tier candidates for years to come.  

Now being with C3 for a little over a year, we wanted to first take some time to reflect on not only how Kylee has grown as a recruiter but how she has impacted C3 for the better. Specifically, we want to highlight some of our achievements and challenges we have faced when growing our company by ten employees in the past year alone. Recruiting may not always be easy, but we know that Kylee is ready and determined to fill C3’s desire to be a company filled with top talent by recruiting top-tier individuals. 

Therefore, we opted on asking our corporate recruiter, Kylee, directly a few questions about what it's like to be an all-star trying to locate other top-tier talents for C3. 

Kylee, what are some of the challenges you faced in 2022 when recruiting for C3? 

When I became a recruiter for C3 Technology I was assigned to vet and recruit only the best of the best. Honestly, at times it was a bit disheartening looking at some individuals that I was thrilled to discuss C3 Technology Advisors with and hearing them state they “are not interested” in making a change. After either one conversation or multiple, the investment continues to grow within an individual. I want to know about their family, their goals (professional and personal), and their “why” in life. Once you get invested in an individual – it’s hard to hear the “no.”  

Another challenge we face when recruiting is individuals that we initially find appealing and interesting. After discussions, sometimes it is realized that they aren’t the right fit for our team. Don’t judge a book by its cover, right? We take pride in ensuring we hire the RIGHT individuals, not just hire to fill a role. This sometimes leads to longer fill times when we’re looking.    

Now, what are some of the accomplishments you experienced in the past personally and for C3? 

The absolute BEAST of a team I’ve helped create over the last year. Watching the individuals that we have recruited striving to be the best at what they do, watching them succeed (in both their work and professional lives), and watching our work family build each other up constantly make all the low moments seem small to what we have succeeded in the past year. I don’t know of another company that has such a genuine atmosphere and it all begins with our team and our President, Matthew Toth. Matthew puts so much into this team, and it shows. Leadership starts at the top of every company – Matthew is the definition of a great leader.  

Another accomplishment – we have retained all individuals that have joined our team with recruitment efforts. Talk about a high retention rate! Once again showing that we hire the right individual – not just someone to fill a seat on our rocketship.   

Overall, the biggest takeaway from 2022 is to always turn it into a positive. My positive twist – none of these misses were failures. I vetted out and conversed with individuals and it didn’t move forward but it just means it wasn’t the right time or the right fit. What do we do from there? We grow. I grew as a recruiter in tailoring new ways of recruitment, and C3 continues to grow as a close family and goes beyond technology. We focus on providing the resources and guidance to those we currently have in the ship and push for the right individual for the next role we fill. 

 I won’t give up on building and maintaining the relationships I have built with those I have recruited, even ones that aren’t quite ready to fly to the moon with us. I am always eager to show how great our team and atmosphere are. 2023 will be another large year for growth – maybe not in quantity, but absolutely in quality!   


We are looking forward to expanding our team even more in 2023 and look forward to seeing both Kylee and our company grow. C3 Technology Advisors is a team ready to provide unmatched service that goes beyond technology to its clients and know Kylee will make sure that whoever we bring into our fold will help keep this focus top of mind.  


C3 Technology Advisors

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