Meet Steven Nguyen!

C3 is thrilled to announce its newest Premier Account Manager, Steven Nguyen. Steven will focus on helping current C3 clients find the solutions they need to continue to accelerate their potential, people, and profits. Once he identifies the potential solutions to help further the success of the client's organization, he then brings in subject matter experts to help identify the right provider to fit their business needs.

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Steven started his technology career several years ago in telecommunications, then expanded his experience and knowledge to Hosted PBX, SD-WAN, Microsoft Office 365, Managed Firewall, Endpoints and more! 

So what makes Steven a great Premier Account Manager at C3? Not only does he have a wealth of knowledge in global communication, but his passion to build a long-lasting relationship with C3 clients and ensure organizations are reaching their goals that align with their mission and values.  



When Steven isn't working and helping clients, he loves spending time with his family, mountain biking, and golfing (well almost - he's trying to get into the 'swing' of things)!


After living in California for 5 years, Steven is now back in Michigan and lives in the Greater Grands Rapids area with his wife of 7 years, Kara, and two kids, Peyton and Jaxon. Their daughter, Peyton, is a very energetic 3 year old who loves to play with her Doc McStuffins Dr. Kit. She goes around checking heartbeats, temperatures and will always have a diagnosis. Their  son, Jaxon, is a very curious 1 year old who loves to eat! A lot of the time you will find him posted in his highchair with an apple, cheerios, raisins… anything! Let's be honest, that's a household that barely sleeps! 


Want to learn more about Steven? Here's 3 interesting facts about him:

1. He rides a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

2. He doesn't get anxious often, but a dirty car or when his home is a little bit dirty from the kids put him on edge. This is why he has an unlimited car wash membership and a lot of cleaning supplies! 

3. He met Dennis Rodman at the gym. (how cool is that?!?)



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