Meet Sabina Hutchins!

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Please join the C3 team in a very warm welcome to Sabina Hutchins! Sabina joins C3 Technology Advisors as an Executive Assistant. Sabina will help support our CEO, Matthew Toth primarily and help the C3 team with a variety of projects/tasks. 

If you ask Sabina about herself, she’ll likely light up and describe her family including her husband of 8 years, Antonio, and their Husky, Skye, as well as their cat Milo. They live on 5 acres in Wayland, Michigan, and Sabina would have it no other way, she says, “we love the peace and quiet of the countryside.”  


Professionally, Sabina began her career in the nursing field. Helping and healing others remains a passion, but after 5 years in the field, Sabina realized she wanted to explore other career paths and opportunities. That realization led her to pursue a position in the telecom industry. She began the next phase of her career as a retention agent but quickly found herself promoted to lead, then supervisor of her department.  

The fast-paced environment, the challenge of new things, and personal interactions of the service industry are great for Sabina, who is definitely a people person.  

When Sabina isn’t at the office helping others, you can always catch her spending time with her family. She is very close with her extended family as well. If she isn’t with family though, she’s most certainly on the dance floor somewhere having a good time with good friends. It’s one of her favorite forms of stress relief.  


Want to learn more about Sabina? Here are 3 interesting facts:  

  1. She’s bilingual – fluent in English and Bosnian  
  1. She loves good music – especially songs that mix elements of Hip Hop with Country 
  1. She's a firearm enthusiast and loves to visit the shooting range 



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