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The C3 Technology Advisors are welcoming a new face to the team! Please help us by sending a warm welcome to our newest Cybersecurity Engineer and expert based out of West Michigan, Michael Marker, to the team.

Before finding his home with C3, Michael studied Cybersecurity Information Assurance, Risk, and Compliance. He has supported a variety of markets including retail, insurance, military, manufacturing, and distribution. These experiences led to Michael gaining knowledge and eventually specializing in data security.

“I grew up with innovation in technology that happened all the time. I saw the trajectory of how integrated all these systems were going to be, and with that came the realization that information about ME was essentially everywhere. I dislike the idea that just because I do business somewhere that intakes my information, that it can allow that information to be shared, or above that, mishandled,” said Michael “My technology decisions are based in a Risk Informed\Privacy Forward mentality. From a professional angle, it’s extremely disconcerting how many emails I receive about the ‘possibility’ of my data being breached each year. I want to take that conversation head-on.”

When Michael isn’t honing his cyber skills, you will most likely find him outside. Whether it is hiking, kayaking, hunting, or even just hanging out with his wife and two kids, Michael’s personal passion is centered around the outdoor lifestyle.

We are excited to share all of Michael’s knowledge. Be sure to look out for him in your next meeting with C3 Technology Advisors.

Welcome to the team Michael!


Here are three quick facts about Michael:

  1. Michael and his family are working on getting to a net-neutral energy plan… they even plan on putting in wind turbines in the spring!

  2. He understands that words have meaning and was quoted on the US Senate floor.

  3. You know data privacy is one of Michael specialties so it should come as no surprise his favorite technology is any tech that doesn’t connect to anything else.


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