Meet Kylee Ackley!

C3 is thrilled to announce its newest team member, Kylee Ackley!  Kylee is C3's newest Corporate Recruiter. By the end of this decade, C3 Technology Advisors will be the preeminent technology consulting company in the US. We know this is quite the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), but we have faith that we will achieve this. The team that we’re building at C3 to accomplish this goal is second to none and we’ll continue to add key pieces ONLY as we find the right people who strive for greatness and never settle.

This is where Kylee will play a pivotal role in helping C3 reach its greatest potential...

FamilyKylee graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelors in Business Administration with a minor in Human Resources and a Masters in Business Administration with a minor in Project Management. While she was completing her Masters online, she worked at a competitor of C3. After that, she took on a role with a concrete construction company wearing many hats of HR including payroll, office administration, billing, contract revision, benefits, and talent acquisition. With her diverse experiences and knowledge within HR, she decided to move on from that position and landed at an automotive manufacturing company as a Human Resources Generalist.

During her time as a Human Resources Generalist, she realized that she really enjoyed developing, training, and placing people in the right positions for success. THIS is what we saw in Kylee and knew that we had to bring her to C3. 

When Kylee isn't recruiting top talent, you can catch her playing sports and working out. Her favorite sports to play are softball, golf, and volleyball. She travels frequently and meets a lot of new people while playing slow-pitch softball. When she isn't traveling and playing sports, she's hanging out with her 3 spoiled dogs, her boyfriend, Derrick, and her boyfriend's son. 

Want to learn more about Kylee? Here are 3 interesting facts about her:

1. She has a third kidney. 

2. Her grandparents adopted 15 children! 

3. She had a kidney biopsy at the age of 16. 

Family 1


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