Meet Kimmie DiBenedetto

C3 is ready to start the new year with a new face. Please join us in welcoming our newest Project Manager, Kimmie DiBenedetto! Kimmie joins the team with over 10 years of experience helping clients implement technology solutions. She’s a strong advocate that helps troubleshoot and navigate issues throughout project implementation. She will help elevat242350203_10158298586988461_4493146523493242146_n[12]e C3’s project management to the next level! 

Kimmie joined the Telecom industry shortly after graduating from Cleveland State University, and within two years, she found her niche in helping clients. In her words, “I am passionate about helping people and making sure a project gets completed . . . I take joy in knowing I have helped someone complete projects or tasks. My career motto has always been when my customers are happy, I am happy, and everyone’s job becomes easier.” 

When Kimmie isn’t supporting clients and making sure projects achieve their desired outcomes, she loves to disconnect from technology and spend time in nature. Growing up in the Ohio Valley means Kimmie is and always will be a “country girl at heart”. On Sundays in the summer, you’ll always find Kimmie fishing, boating, or spending downtime floating on a body of water. 

255291415_10158392136268461_7052561791672610520_n[78]To friends and family, Kimmie is known as the “queen of one more cast”. She is a master angler and the captain of an 18-footer named Going Deep. She loves to combine her passion for fishing with technology as well,  

“I am fascinated by how sophisticated fishing technology has come, from fish finders to autopilots on trollers, and everything in between.” 

On the rare occasion, you catch her on land, you’ll find Kimmie soaking up the sun with friends playing golf, volleyball, or softball or even watching the Cleveland Browns (yes, she admitted it – she’s a fan).


Want to learn more about Kimmie? Here are three fun facts about her: 

  • Kimmie is an animal lover and volunteers for her local Animal Shelter...she is even hosting the First Annual Play for Paws Softball Fundraiser. 
  • She can operate an 18ft boat solo 
  • If you want to win Music Trivia, Kimmie should be on your team 



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