Meet Brian Haugen!

C3 is thrilled to announce its newest Project Manager, Brian Haugen! Brian is helping C3 clients implement their advanced technology and troubleshoot any issues during the post-implementation phase. He is going to be your go-to guy when your technology starts to act up! And we all know technology has its moments! 

Brian loves technology and loves learning about how it can help organizations. His favorite technology solutions are focused in the cloud and security. Brian stated, "A few decades ago, we would probably never have thought that all of our physical technology needs [servers, phone systems, security systems, etc.] could go from on-premises to cloud-based solutions. Today, it seems like the capabilities and possibilities are endless! " And we couldn't agree more with Brian! 

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So how did Brian find his love for learning and technology? Well, Brian graduated top of his class from Ferris State University in Computer Information Technology System Administration and Security (CIT-SAS) and received his undergrad from Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) in Network Administration. While he was attending college he helped tutor students in information technology and security. He was also working in GRCC's IT Team. When it came time for him to find an internship, he decided to step outside of GRCC and found work at Nucraft Furniture Company. After his internship, he was hired in as a Network Administrator. He specialized in System Administration and Security, but through his experience, he became well rounded in many different avenues within the world of technology from purchasing, provisioning, scaling, planning, and managing projects. Brian is the Swiss Army Knife of C3. 

Brian's story doesn't stop there. What makes Brian a rockstar and why did C3 ask Brian to be part to the team is because of his passion to help others! It is something we have never seen before. He has a true passion to helping others learn, experience, and be confident in using technology. If he's not teaching someone he's putting smiles on everyone's faces. He loves to have fun and laugh! Have a joke? Share it with him! 

When Brian isn't working and helping clients, he loves to go on walks, golf, and spend time with his friends and family. 

Want to learn more about Brian? Here's 3 interesting facts about him:

1. He collects professional basketball memorabilia 

2. He loves The Three Stooges & owns the The Three Stooges: The Ultimate Collection which includes all 25 years of episodes.

3. He spends hours every year tutoring people in the field of technology! 


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