Meet Abigail 'Abi' Lebioda!

C3 is thrilled to announce its newest team member, Abigail 'Abi' Lebioda! Abi is C3's newest Marketing Manager! Abi's outgoing personality, winning mentality, and upbeat energy will help take C3's Marketing department to the next level. Abi stated, "My purpose in life (personal and professional) is to bring a positive outlook, my upbeat energy, and competitive spirit to all that I do." Watch out world, here comes the fuel to our rocketship!


Abi is no stranger to technology; although she went to school for English Literature (and graduated Summa Cum Laude), she’s focused her career on marketing strategy and client relations. In 2016, she jumped into the tech field by joining an MSP where she ended up building and managing their marketing department – did we mention she did that in under 4 years? That’s the go-getter attitude we saw in her, and love here at C3

Throughout her career she's learned that she loves coming up with creative strategies to hit marketing goals like increasing views, improving website rankings, and, of course, bringing in qualified leads. She’s experienced in a variety of marketing techniques, but Abi's mostly interested in how digital marketing can support business growth. Without a doubt, at the end of the day, she has the determination and motivation to help build C3 to be the best company in its space. Abi noted, "I like to think of myself as an A-Player who gives great attention and dedication to any project I'm working on solo or with a team."

When Abi isn't musing on digital strategies or lead gen, you can catch her hanging out with her partner, Joe, and their three dogs, Hauntz, Henry, and Fred, in their 1930s art-deco home! While Joe works on home renovations, you can find Abi catching up on her Bravo reality shows, cross-stitching or watering her mini jungle (she has over 60 house plants)! If you really want to impress Abi, be sure to send her a Bravo GIF. She will love you forever! She also loves traveling to Austin, TX to visit her immediate family.

Want to learn more about Abi? Here are 3 interesting facts about her:

1. She is the same height whether she sits on a bar stool or is standing (it's her favorite bar trick - ask her to do it).

2. She loves Dave Matthews Band and has seen them live 12+ times!  

3. Aliens scare the heck out of her. 👽


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