Beers, Peers, and Cheers, Oh My: What to Expect at WMIS!

Lights. Camera. Action. Attention turns towards the stage as a security industry leader begins to share their insights. Your attention is captured learning about all the security risks that are out there. You think your hands are sweating as you start to twist in your seat, but it’s actually the sweat from the ice-cold beer you’re holding.

The person next to you exclaims “Wow, that was really good. I had no idea there were so many different types of threat actors out there!” From there, you start to share some of your personal stories and experiences, so your peer doesn’t have to go through the same thing you did. This is just the start of what makes the West Michigan IT Summit the best summit…

  1. Learn. The summit is specifically designed for you. With technology constantly changing, we want to provide you the opportunity to keep up with the advancements, provide knowledge in what you specialize in, or expand your knowledge to understand how other pieces of technology can fit within your organization’s portfolio. The summit covers: Unified Communications (UCaaS), SD-WAN, Contact Center as a Solution (CCaaS), IaaS, DRaaS, Cloud Services, Managed Services, Colocation, and of course Cybersecurity.

  2. Network. The West Michigan IT Summit provides a unique experience to meet fellow like-minded peers as described above. We value the ability to have those in our community grow their inner network, ask questions, and build new relationships. With over three hours of networking, you are sure to find your next beer buddy to vent to when your technology doesn’t want to work!

  3. Enjoy. Aren’t you tired of meeting at the traditional conference center for summits? The B.O.B. stands for ‘Big Old Building’ and we’re here to bring ‘Big Old Fun’. Summits shouldn’t be stagnant; instead, they should provide an enjoyable experience with a unique setting that allows you to enjoy the event as you see fit. You want to demo vendors? We’ve got you covered! You want to sit and drink great Grand Rapids brewed beers and ask your peers questions? No Problem! Create the experience you’re going to enjoy!

If you still don’t believe that the West Michigan IT Summit is the best summit, then we highly recommend that you register for it and check it out for yourself. Worst case, if you don’t like it, you got out of your office (home or corporate) and your boss didn’t bother you for a few hours! That’s a win-win situation right there!

Register for the 2021 West Michigan IT Summit here:



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