An Interview with our Project Manager-Krista Dugan

 Our team here at C3 Technology Advisors is comprised of all-star players. Specifically, our Project manager team is essential to the growth and sKrista Dugan Headshot Wooduccess of C3 and our client's technology solutions. C3 is an executive's #1 resource for making the most effective buying solutions. We offer executives support every step of the way during the purchasing and implementation processes.  

To learn more about our project managers and how they help your organization succeed, please check out an interview with one of our top project managers, Krista Dugan. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.  

“I am a wife, boy-mom, sister, friend, and Project Manager (PM). I am better and smarter than I was yesterday, but I still have a lot to learn. And I love the learning journey I am on. I am an avid reader and have been since I was in my teens. My guilty pleasure is funny mystery novels. I love to listen to books and podcasts - trying to train my son to do the same. My favorite type of day is spent with my husband and son playing board games, watching silly movies or shows, and cuddling. My favorite holiday is July 4th - I love fireworks and not being cold. I am a cancer survivor. And that word still scares the bejeezus out of me. And above all, I am very blessed and super thankful.”   

What does your day-to-day look like here at C3?  

My day-to-day here at C3 starts by checking my calendar and call schedule. I typically have 8 calls a day – sometimes more. Once I see how my day is planned, I check my emails and work on escalations, to-do’s, updates (also updating our systems with necessary information), and follow-ups.  

I set reminders for escalation follow-up. I then start preparing for my calls. If I am hosting, I like to get an Agenda ready for updates and to keep the call on task. If I am not hosting, I like to review the project status and any recent topics discussed. I then check our ordering system for current updates and tasks I need to work on and assign. After attending calls, I work on my takeaways from my calls and updates for my projects. I work in my customer’s systems to make sure the project information is updated and accurate. If I need to focus on a new project, I set aside time on my calendar to set up tasks, PM docs, establish a Smartsheet, and set communication needs. I will update the existing projects and make sure the stakeholders are aware of the statuses. I monitor the scope, schedule, and needs of my projects to make sure they are being managed. 

I love being a PM. And I love my customers. My favorite part of what I do is working hard for my customers; doing all the heavy lifting for them. I want my customers to allow me to work for them.    

The Future ofTell us about a project you are particularly proud of.  

Recently, I had a project that was starting to go sideways. There were many parts that were not moving fluidly. Personalities across different teams did not mix well, respect was not given to my customer, and it was clear that communication needed improvement. I went to the vendor counterpart and let them know my concerns. When my counterpart excused the behavior, I went to my manager and the channel partner to address the issue. Within a few weeks, we had a whole new vendor team for the customer. The project is now going great. The team works so well together, and we are having fun with the project. This is why I am on the project. I listen and identify issues to have them addressed/fixed on the customer’s behalf, ensuring a successful implementation. I advocate for my customers and do everything I can to make sure they are happy and well taken care of.  

What is one thing you wish people knew about being a project manager? And being a project manager here at C3 Technology Advisors?  

Being a project manager here at C3 is genuinely the best job. The C3 culture is the best I have ever worked in. To work here is like working with your professional and fun friends (way better than family…). You can be radically candid, ask questions, share your opinions and thoughts (respectfully),  pose questions, and you are taken seriously and heard. C3 cultivates an atmosphere of self-betterment. Leadership nudges you to do and be your best.   The Future of (1)

Most people do not know everything that is needed for a project to go well. A Project Manager must have leadership, management, emotional intelligence, excellent communication skills, knowledge about the products, Stakeholders, solutions, processes, and so much more. There are many moving parts to keep straight and on track, but, my goodness, it is a rewarding career. Knowing that I am assisting projects that protect my customers from a cyber-attack or enable them to run their business better and more efficiently truly makes my heart happy.  

Anything else you would like to add?  

“Drink some coffee, put on some gangster rap, and HANDLE IT!” 



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