Meet Marc Schneider!

C3 is thrilled to announce its newest Global Technology Advisor, Marc Schneider! Marc is helping C3 expand its client base into the Indianapolis, Indiana market! Marc will focus on helping clients find the best technology solutions that fits their organization's needs. His goal is to have clients choose the right products, at the right price point, with the right vendors.

Marc's favorite technology to discuss with clients is SD-WAN because IT departments can easily prioritize the apps that are more important, squash the people watching YouTube, and have a secure network with generic internet connections. 

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Marc graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. in Public Affairs and a concentration in Criminal Justice. Not the normal path into the tech world, but his dream was to work for the FBI, Secret Service or US Marshall. He soon realized that the dream he wanted wasn't for him. That's when he decided to give the tech world a try and fortunately has remained for over 30 years! Dreams can come true! He started his career at MCI, then went to Qwest in 1999, which is when he met Matthew Toth, and ultimately ended up at CenturyLink (now known as Lumen) before he found C3. Home Sweet Home!

So what makes Marc a rockstar? He specializes in building successful customer relationships. Treating customers how they should be treated is key and he enjoys not only finding the best solution to help organizations, but to be there in the future as someone they can trust and rely on. As we all know, technology changes quickly and the future is unpredictable. Marc noted, "Things change too quickly, and I was always interested in helping companies find the ideal solution with the right budget, fixes, and accomplishments needed." 


When Marc isn't working and helping clients, he loves to go fishing. He is an avid fisherman who normally reels in Musky, Pike, and Walleye. He will also fish for Salmon in Lake Michigan. If he isn't fishing he's playing his guitar. He's owns 8 guitars and has been playing for almost 40 years! Ask him to play you a tune next time you're on a video call with him!

So what else can we tell you about Marc? Well his story doesn't end here. He met his now wife, Angie, while he was a senior at Indiana University and has been married to her for 28 years! He has 4 daughters: Abbey (23) who swam competitively at University of Iowa, Carissa (21) who currently swims at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Lauren (19) who's currently attending Indian University studying contemporary dance and speech pathology, and the youngest, Kate (15) who is also an avid dancer. He definitely is outnumbered to say the least!

Want to learn more about Marc? Here's 3 interesting facts about him:

1. He sets off metal detectors everywhere he goes! 

2. He broke his neck in 3 places when he was 28!

3. He is a talented musician who has played trumpet for 40 years and guitar for 37!  

schneiders disney!


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