Meet Lyndsay Dean!

C3 is thrilled to announce its newest Marketer, Lyndsay Dean! Lyndsay is the Senior Marketing Specialist and will be helping C3 expand its online presence through inbound marketing! She will focus on helping drive prospect's digital journeys to find the best technology solutions that fit their organization's needs (before talking to a consultant). How cool is that?!? Lyndsay's goal is to have prospects understand how C3 can help them choose the right products, at the right price point, with the right vendors.

Lyndsay specializes in demand generation and content creation. She has executed a lot of great marketing emails while utilizing marketing automation. She promises not to be the 'annoying marketer' that you typically block. Lyndsay ensures she will bring highly personalized and educational content to those who are willing to listen!  

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So how did Lyndsay find her way to C3? Once she graduated from Michigan Tech, she landed her first marketing job in the manufacturing industry as a Marketing Specialist. A few years later, she decided to move  into the tech industry (welcome to the dark side) as an Assistant Marketing Manager. After many mergers and acquisitions with that organization, she found herself living in 'Corporate America' as a Demand Gen and Content Manager.

C3 saw Lyndsay's skills and experiences and decided to reach out on LinkedIn or as marketers say  (aka we slid into her DMs). And it was a match made in heaven! 


When Lyndsay isn't working and creating awesome marketing campaigns, you can catch her hiking, working on her land, kayaking, or camping! She loves to spend time outside with her family! Her two beautiful kids and her husband love to get out and play as often as they can. So you could say, unplugging from technology is her favorite thing to do, but don't let that fool you. 

Lyndsay still loves technology, especially her Kindle. She thinks it's super nerdy, but we think it's awesome! Instead of mindlessly scrolling through her phone she prefers to grab a fiction or thriller book and scroll through a story! Have any recommendations for her to read? Reach out to her! She's always looking for more books to download onto her Kindle.

Want to learn more about Lyndsay? Here's 3 interesting facts about her:

1. She is terrified of geese! 

2. She is the second oldest of seven children! 

3. She has been with her spouse for 15 years! 



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